2017 Community Corrections Grant Recommendations

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on April 22, 2016 by Indiana Department of Correction

From: Deborah L. Braun (DLBraun@idoc.IN.gov)
To: Community Corrections Directors
Subject: Funding Recommendations

Good afternoon, Directors!

We just wrapped up the JRAC meeting, and I wanted to share with you the funding recommendations that were approved by the council this morning. Please keep in mind, these recommendations must go before Commissioner Lemmon for his approval before they are considered the final funding award. DC Lanham and I will be providing these recommendations to the Commissioner on Tuesday, 4/26. Once we have his approval, we will be sending out the award letters and contracts to those entities receiving funds, which I am hoping will be by the end of next week.

The signed contracts and amended budgets will be due no later than Tuesday, 5/31/2016. Contracts and budgets arriving after the deadline date may delay the disbursement process for your county. We will be providing you with more detailed information, such as grant score, collaboration score, and the funding recommendation itself. After you have received your award notification and have questions specific to your request, please feel free to contact your regional program director.

Again, more information will be forthcoming. I am also planning on briefly discussing the funding recommendation process and the attached summary sheet at the spring IACCAC conference during the DOC Townhall on that Friday.

FY 2017 Funding Summary

FY 2017 Funding Recommendations

Deborah L. Braun, Director of Community Corrections

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