Proposed Revisions to the Court Alcohol & Drug Program Rules (Dec 2018)

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Indiana Office of Court Services on 12/20/2018

To the Bench, Bar and Public:

The Indiana Judicial Conference Board of Directors and Court Alcohol and Drug Program Advisory Committee (CADPAC) seek public comment on proposed amendments to Rules for Court-Administered Alcohol & Drug Programs.

CADPAC proposes amending five sections and adding a new section on chemical testing. The most significant change is proposed for Section 31 on substance abuse education standards. CADPAC proposes to restrict the education curricula used to two national companies that provide evidence-based education courses. The proposed changes also include the request to remove the requirement that programs have referral agreements with treatment providers when they refer 10 or more clients in a year to that provider. The new chemical testing section provides that if a program drug tests its clients, policy and procedure for drug testing must conform to the requirements of this section.

 Proposed Amendments to Court Alcohol & Drug Program Rules


The Board invites public feedback on the proposed rule amendments through January 22, 2019Submit written comments online or by mail to:

Diane Mains
Indiana Office of Court Services
251 N. Illinois Street, Suite 800
Indianapolis, IN 46204