Indiana Court Times Spring 2020 Electronic Version

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Indiana Court Times

May 4 2020 interview with Chief Justice Rush:

Dear Readers,

Like all of you, we had plans for March, April, and May that were quickly cast aside. Our focus instead has been COVID-19. Our communication office turned its full attention to the growing public health emergency, and we put a number of projects on hold—including the Spring 2020 edition of the Indiana Court Times.

As we evaluated our options for publishing, we determined a digital-only edition of the Court Times—our first ever in 20 years of publication—seemed appropriate. We already had a number of articles prepared for publication, including:

  • a feature on Amy Karozos, Indiana’s new State Public Defender
  • our regular sidebar, this time with St. Joseph Magistrate Cristal Brisco
  • advice on ethics in judicial campaigns, and
  • two stories dealing with issues of race and combating our own biases

We were inspired—by the many video chats we’ve recently held from our new home office locations—to add a video component to the issue. We hope it’s an experiment that proves worthy. Check out our interviews with Ms. Karozos and Magistrate Brisco to compliment their online articles. And you won’t want to miss an interview with Indiana’s Judicial Branch leader. It’s a déjà vu moment for both me and Chief Justice Rush. Hint: a one-time eager reporter used to have lots of questions for a certain juvenile court judge!


Kathryn Dolan
Chief Public Information Officer