Report: Indiana has 2nd most gun background checks

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Indy Star on 01/05/2017 by Joe Tamborello

Indiana ranks second for the most gun background checks per capita, according to a new report by security company GetSafe.

Over a five-year span, only Kentucky finished ahead of Indiana for the amount of firearm background checks per 100,000 residents.

Nearly 17 background checks were performed per 100,000 Hoosiers. That falls behind Kentucky’s 51.

Background checks are just one way to measure the popularity of gun ownership. Registration, licensing and permits can also give an idea. Though, Indiana does not require the registration of guns or the licensing of owners. And private sales do not require a background check in Indiana. Only handguns require a permit to carry, according to the NRA.

The number of active licenses to carry handguns in Indiana has grown by nearly 50 percent since 2012, according to an IndyStar analysis.

At a county level, Brown, Morgan and Posey counties lead Indiana in gun permits per capita, according to Indiana State Police data.

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