Probation Representatives Discuss Impact of New Indiana Criminal Code (HEA 1006)

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on September 19, 2017

Probation representatives discussed the impact of the revised Indiana criminal code (known as HEA 1006) at the September 19, 2017 meeting of the Interim Study Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code.

Representatives of Probation Departments:
Linda Brady, Chief Probation Officer of Monroe County Probation Department and Committee member, described the potential drop in court revenue that could occur by permitting certain nonviolent criminal defendants to be released without paying cash bonds.

Deputy Chief Probation Officer Troy Hatfield, Monroe County Probation Department, described Monroe County’s pretrial program. He provided additional statistical information about the Monroe County Probation Department (Exhibit 2).

Sarah Lochner, Chief Probation Officer of Wabash County, described the new positions that her department has added because of new funding for community corrections and probation programs.

Christine Kerl, Chief Probation Officer of Marion County Probation Department, described the problems with housing pretrial defendants in Marion County jails and the additional staff she has been able to hire because of the community corrections funding increase.

Alan Davis, a recovering addict, described the assistance that he has received from programs and medication funded in part by the Recovery Works Program.

See the probation presentations at the following hyperlink.  Scroll to Wednesday September 19, 2017   Part 1.  Probation remarks start at the 1:44 mark of Part 1.

Corrections and Criminal Code September 19, 2017 Part 1

Minutes 9-19-2017


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