POPAI Survey Results re: Location for Annual Fall Conference

on 10/10/2014 by Linda Brady, POPAI President

Dear POPAI Members:

POPAI has sought input from our members regarding the location of the Annual Fall Conference via Poll Questions on the POPAI website, as well as through feedback forms at all of the POPAI trainings held in 2013 and 2014.  Several POPAI members asked that POPAI investigate the possibility of holding the Annual Fall Conference in Indy or in northern Indiana.

In the past, POPAI has moved locations for the Fall Conference to Indy and northern Indiana in an attempt to get more participation from across all parts of the state.  Our registration numbers were lower in Indy and in northern Indiana.  To date, the registration numbers have shown that no matter where we hold the training, the same counties participate year after year.

Nevertheless, in order to serve ALL of our members, POPAI sought feedback from Chief POs regarding the location of our Fall Conference.  Many factors ultimately determine how many POs attend including budgets, topics, staff interest in the training/topics, etc.  We asked all Chief POs to take a brief survey and to provide an ESTIMATE of how many potential POs would attend the 2015 conference based on LOCATION.

To view results of the survey of Indiana Chief POs.  Click here   Survey re Location of Annual POPAI Conference