POPAI Board Matches Then Distributes Donation Funds to Texas Probation Officers Still Trying to Recover from Hurricane Harvey

on 10/24/2017 by Karen Oeding

Hurricane Harvey made landfall along the Texas Coast on August 25, 2017.

The POPAI Board collected $1000 from attendees at the Fall Conference in September, then matched the funds.

POPAI President Adam McQueen reached out to the Texas Probation Association to locate a good recipient for funds. Two departments were identified that were hit the hardest: Harden and Jefferson County.

Upon recommendation of the CPOs of the two counties most in need, the Board will send a total of $2000 split into several Walmart gift cards so the recipients can use them to buy a variety of goods for their recovery.

Harden County CPO Kevin Cummins indicated that he had two officers who were impacted severely from Hurricane Harvey. The Board decided to send two $500 Walmart gift cards.

Jefferson County CPO Jerry Johnson said it is very difficult to narrow down who to give the cards to as so many are in need. 10 $100 Walmart Gift Cards will be sent to Jefferson County.

CPO Jerry Johnson summed up the sense of gratitude to all who donated by writing “Words cannot express how much we appreciate the support of each of you and your departments.”

Several Officers are still trying to recover from this disaster. If you and/or your Department would like to participate more you can send Walmart Gift cards (with the amount divided as you see fit so they can be given to individuals without additional processing) directly to

Harden County Probation Department
c/o Kevin Cummins
P.O. Box 237
Kountze TX 77625


Jefferson County CSCD
c/o Jerry Johnson
820 Neches
Beaumont, TX 77701