New Public Forum: Community Corrections Collaborative Network

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National Institute of Corrections (NIC) on January 14, 2016

8255.CCCN-Network-Logo_70388EEFTake advantage of NIC’s new public forum focused on community corrections! The Community Corrections Collaborative Network (CCCN) is comprised of the leading associations for pretrial, probation, parole and drug courts. Each association has two representatives that attend two in person meetings per fiscal year.  They also collaborate on projects and present workshops at national conferences in between meetings, and try to stay connected to the field.

This public forum is an opportunity for the field and the CCCN.  We want to hear from you, start conversations about emerging issues for community corrections, provide feedback on any issues or questions you might have, and to share information with each other.

To that end, the CCCN welcomes any questions, comments or anything related to community corrections that you might want to post!

Access the forum here

NIC public forums are open to all and reside on NIC’s Corrections Community. An account is required to create a new forum post or respond to a question or issue. Rules for posting in public forums can be foundhere. Contact Susan Powell at for assistance.