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Why should your company become a Corporate Member?

Never in its history has Indiana Probation experienced such monumental and progressive change as it has just in the last few years. Probation Officer personnel have nearly doubled since 1993 in a statewide effort to meet workload demands; departments are now more than ever looking toward advanced technologies and other means to improve and augment offender monitoring & supervision strategies; departments are reaching out to a vast array of companies who offer competitive, cost-effective, and reliable programs and services for both adult and juvenile offenders.

Our statement of purpose: to “support, promote, and encourage quality probation services in the interests of public safety and service to the Courts of the State of Indiana.” Toward this end, the Executive Board of the Association and the general membership feel our efforts can be greatly enhanced through strong partnerships by way of Corporate Members.

Doesn’t it make sense to affiliate with the only professional association that represents approximately 1100 probation officers and 150 probation departments in Indiana? Corporate Membership in POPAI represents your gateway to marketing your products, programs and services to our membership!

How active is our association at promoting quality probation services in Indiana?

  • We created and continue to host the Annual Chief Probation Officer Summit in Indianapolis during the Spring of each year, and have done so since 1998.
  • We created and continue to provide the Annual Fall Probation Services Training Conference. This has been our association’s primary education/training event since 1996.
  • We established a $1000 scholarship opportunity in 1998 for members to pursue further education. In 2013 it was been increased to  $2,500.
  • We are affiliate members of the American Probation and Parole Association, and have developed partnerships in their education/training opportunities.

What benefits are offered to Corporate Members?

  • Display space and related publicity provided at the Annual Chief Probation Officer Summit.
  • Display space and related publicity provided at the POPAI Annual Fall Conference.
  • Random Advertisement on the home page and listing on the Corporate Members page of this website.
  • Address labels upon request for the 150 Chief Probation Officers in Indiana.
  • Name, address and telephone listing for all Indiana Probation Departments.

All for only $400!

We hope you see the advantages of membership, and take this opportunity to join !

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For additional information, please contact:

Corporate Memberships Susan Rice