Meet the Candidates

The Board Election will take place at the Annual Meeting on September 7, 2016. Each candidate has submitted an Intent to Run form.

Here’s how each candidate responded to the question “Why do you wish to hold this position? What do you hope to accomplish as a POPAI Board Member?


Linda Brady, Chief Probation Officer, Monroe County Probation

“I wish to move the probation profession forward in the state of Indiana by:

  • working with partners such as IJC and DOC to train all Indiana probation officers in basic skills necessary to implement evidence-based correctional practices (EBP);
  • working with the Indiana General Assembly to obtain funding for probation services in the state that allows probation caseloads and workloads to be reduced across the state to levels recommended by the American Probation and Parole Association and the Judicial Conference of Indiana;
  • working with POPAI membership to share “best practices,” policies/procedures, training and other resources to avoid duplication of efforts and support other probation departments to become evidence-based organizations;
  • working with the POPAI Chief Executive Committee to continue to support and grow new probation leaders in the state.”

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Ryan Hull, Assistant Chief Probation Officer, DeKalb County Probation

“I am a dedicated servant striving for the betterment of  probation throughout Indiana.   I hold a desire to keep POPAI relevant in the ever evolving realm of legislative discussions through maintaining contact with those powers at bay and collaborating with all agencies with the focus on keeping probation at the forefront rather than having it lag behind.

With the influx of offenders being placed on probation rather than going to jail or prison, probation has become overloaded.  As POPAI President, I would strengthen the momentum that has already been set in motion for funding probation programs, which have proven to work.  Furthermore, I will be the voice for all departments to receive funding rather than only a select few.

As the POPAI President, I will continue the guidance that was provided by those I follow, to lead the organization as those that stood before us did, ultimately providing the needed leadership for the next generation of probation professionals in Indiana.”

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Susan Bentley, Chief Probation Officer, Hendricks County Probation

“I want to contribute to the field of probation and affect positive change through my service and career.”

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Steve Keele, Assistant Chief Probation Officer, Allen County Probation

“I believe POPAI has done an excellent job of promoting probation, as a professional organization, throughout the State. I am seeking the position as the District 2 representative because I feel it will allow me the opportunity to better serve the probation profession. I have been an active member of the management team in my department (as a supervisor and now the Assistant Chief) for over five (5) years and understand first-hand how important leadership is in accomplishing difficult tasks. As a POPAI Board Member I would work to ensure that POPAI continues to have strong leadership and a voice statewide. As a certified member of our department’s armed field team, I understand the importance of quality training and will work hard to ensure officers are provided the training and knowledge to do their jobs safely and effectively, both in the office and in the field. As a POPAI representative, I would work with the organization to ensure POPAI continues to have a strong voice in legislative and judicial policy.”

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Lakisha Fisher, Probation Officer, Grant County Probation

“I would like to hold the position of District 4 POPAI Representative to bring new ideas on Developing and maintaining public safety through supervision standards in conjunction with the Indiana Judicial Center. Also provide sound knowledge in standardizing Probation Officer training and the delivery of probation services throughout the state.

I would like to accomplish research and developing alternatives for incarceration while also providing protection for the public. Furthermore, identify and implement intermediate incentive/sanctions programs statewide.”

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Cherie Wood, Chief Probation Officer, Vanderburgh County Probation

“Being the District 8 Representative allows me to stay in contact with other officers across the State and especially in my district. Due to the wonderful leadership in our organization, I am able to receive and then relay important information/suggestions/concerns to and from the District. I hope I have been a positive asset to the Board by providing information and assisting with any task that is asked.

Continuing to be a part of the Board is very important to me because I know officer’s concerns are being addressed and discussed.”

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