Marion County installs kiosks for offenders to check in without probation officer

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WTHR on 10/31/2019

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Marion County is now using technology to help streamline the check-ins some criminal offenders on parole.

New kiosks have been installed at the City County building downtown. The kiosks allow some offenders on probation to check in instead of meeting directly with a probation officers.

The kiosks only work with low-level offenders — about 3,000 people.

Officials say it will cut probation officer case loads by about 20 percent.

“By utilizing the kiosk system, what we are about to do is dedicate more resources to the individuals that are indeed in need of our help,” probation officer Christine Kerl said. “Those individuals that can be successful and manage their terms on their own will be able to do that thanks to the technology that we have deployed.”

Each unit has a camera to make sure the person who is supposed to be checking in is actually the one using the kiosk.

Besides downtown, there are three other kiosks in Warren, Lawrence and Wayne townships.