Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council Approves Grant Funding Recommendations

on October 23, 2016 by Linda Brady, POPAI President

The Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council (JRAC) met on October 20, 2016. The $2 million Community Corrections grant applications were discussed.

Summary of CC Grant Requests

38 Counties/Regional Agencies applied for funding.

All Indiana Evidence Based Decision Making (EBDM) sites applied and received priority recommendation as outlined in the grant coversheet.

  • 57 Eligible Entities Applied for Funding
    • 27 Community Corrections Agencies
    • 18 Probation Departments
    • 2 Prosecutor’s Diversion Programs
    • 10 Court Recidivism Reduction Programs
  • 12 New Entities Applied
    • 6 Probation Departments
    • 1 Prosecutor’s Diversion Program
    • 5 Court Recidivism Reduction Programs

Total Amount Requested:                            $5,685,456.66

Total Amount Recommended for Award:   $551,800.00

At the JRAC meeting, recommendations for funding for were made and voted on by the Council. The Department of Correction (DOC) Commissioner Bruce Lemmon will make the final grant funding decisions.

Priority for funding was given to those EBDM pilot sites, but due to recent events, the recommendations for those sites were tabled until the next JRAC meeting scheduled for Friday November 18, 2016. This will allow for more information to be gathered and clear expectations to be put into place before funding is awarded.

Recommendations for one time/short term funding, aside from the EBDM sites, were voted on and will be sent to Commissioner Lemmon for his approval. The one-time/short term project funding means this funding award will not be incorporated into or made a part of the agency’s base funding and is only awarded for FY 17.

Once the recommendations have been approved by Commissioner Lemmon, the DOC will send out the award notices and contract amendments to each agency. The DOC will also inform applicant agencies if no funding was awarded.