Johnson County Drug Dealer Arrest Sweep

Full Article on 9/15/2015

8802352_GOver 50 arrest warrants issued in Johnson County drug bust; 12 more in custody.


Over 50 felony warrants were served earlier Tuesday in Johnson County on suspected drug dealers, law enforcement said. An additional 12 people were in custody as of Wednesday, in addition to 30 arrested Tuesday.

The Johnson County Prosecutor’s Office, The Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, The Franklin Police Department, Indiana State Police, the US Marshal’s Service and several other local police departments served the warrants Tuesday morning. Thirty people were arrested on charges related to drug dealing, law enforcement officials said at a Tuesday afternoon news conference.

Those named in the warrants are suspected of dealing meth, heroin and marijuana in Johnson County over the past year. Confidential informants helped identify the drug dealers in some of the cases.

Investigators are bothered that so many women are now dealing drugs.

“It’s troubling to see that half the photographs behind us are females. It just goes to show you how much the drug trade business has taken over families. We have a lot of people that are dying, not just in this county, but in other counties throughout Indiana from the heroin issues,” said Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox.

The woman who were caught dealing drugs around their children are facing stiffer charges.

The felony charges stem from a year-long joint investigation by the Johnson County Prosecutor’s Office, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and the Franklin Police Department. Investigators will continue to look for the 20 suspects who remain at large, urging them to turn themselves in to police.