Indiana to receive $10.9 million in funding to fight opioid epidemic

Read the original article source of this excerpt. on 04/20/2017 by Andrea Alvarez

Indiana drug treatment centers will finally get the help they need. State officials just announced that Indiana will receive $10.9 million in federal grant funding to help fight the opioid epidemic.

That grant was awarded to the state by the Department of Health and Human Services and was announced by Senator Joe Donnelly’s office who says this emergency funding is needed and the problem needed to be addressed now.

Local health officials like those with the LaPorte County Drug Free partnership will tell you the same thing.

“This announcement of this grant is critical for a number of reasons.  The need for public-private partnerships is essential as collaborative efforts to bring this crisis under control, once and for all,” said Jim Musial with the LaPorte County Drug Free Partnership.

Musial is calling this grant a God-send since the issue has grown and that money has been crucial to fighting the opioid epidemic for years now.