Indiana Office of Court Services – Justice Services Deputy Director Angie Hensley

Email on 8/1/2019 by MK Hudson

I am pleased to announce that Angie Hensley has been appointed to serve as the IOCS Justice Services Deputy Director.

Angie has worked at IOCS as a program coordinator within the Justice Services Division since 2011. Her duties have included developing and conducting evidence-based practice trainings for probation officers and problem solving courts; developing distance education programs through IOCS’s online learning management system; managing the Justice Services PSC, veterans court, and pretrial grant process; and staffing various agency committees and work groups. Angie has been in a lead position on multiple projects at IOCS, including the probation coaching project, the incentives and sanctions project, and the probation examination update. She is co-chair of the state EBDM Risk Reduction Strategies Work Group, which is currently expanding IOCS’s incentives and sanction project and drafting guidelines for evidence-based prosecutor diversion programs.

We are excited to have Angie serve in her new role, and I know she is looking forward to working with everyone in this new capacity. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Angie for information and assistance.

We look forward to seeing you next week at the Justice Services Conference!

Warm regards,

Mary Kay Hudson, Executive Director
Indiana Office of Court Services
Office of Judicial Administration
Indiana Supreme Court
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Indianapolis, IN 46204
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