Indiana giving military veterans a second chance

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The Brazil Times on October 13, 2015

Indiana has recently joined a growing number of states offering many first offender military service veterans a second chance. This past legislative session Indiana lawmakers included enabling legislation and funding in the budget bill to help formally expand veteran’s treatment courts.

“The Military Veterans Coalition of Indiana and our partners thank Senators Zakas and Kenley and others by including enabling language and some funding in this past session’s budget bill,” states Lisa Wilken, Women’s Liaison, AMVETS Indiana and Assistant Legislative Director, AMVETS Indiana. “This is a good start and we look forward to working on expansion around the state.”

Why Veteran’s Treatment Courts

“These young veterans are returning home and most need help finding decent paying jobs with benefits,” said Zach McIlwain, with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA).. “Unfortunately for a few their transition from the military back to civilian life has its challenges, and the Veteran’s Treatment Court offers that needed second chance to these deserving Hoosier Heroes”