Indiana Criminal Rule 26 UPDATE


Dear Pretrial Committee Members, Indiana EBDM Policy Team Members, and Pretrial Pilot Site Participants:

The Indiana Supreme Court recognizes your commitment to develop and implement an evidence based pretrial justice system. The 11 pretrial pilot counties are creating the framework for smarter and safer pretrial decision making in Indiana, and their progress over the next several months will inform statewide pretrial release and supervision policies and practices. To benefit from the experience of the pilot sites prior to statewide implementation of Criminal Rule 26, the Indiana Supreme Court will defer the effective date of Sections A and B of Criminal Rule 26 until January 2020.

Thank you for your commitment to Indiana’s EBDM and pretrial reform efforts. Through all of your work, we will achieve a safer, healthier Indiana.


Justice Steven H. David, Indiana Supreme Court
Chair, Indiana EBDM Policy Team

David N. Powell, Executive Director, IPAC
Vice-Chair, Indiana EBDM Policy Team


Steven David, Justice
Indiana Supreme Court

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