Indiana Chief PO named Probation Executive of the Year

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National Association of Probation Executives on Fall 2014 by NAPE Executive Exchange

Sam Houston State University Probation Executive of the Year Award

Since 1989, the National Association of Probation Executives and the George J. Beto Criminal Justice Center at Sam Houston State University have recognized the Probation Executive of the Year by presenting the recipient the Sam Houston State University Award. This year’s recipient was Linda Brady, Chief Probation Officer for the Monroe Circuit Court Probation Department in Bloomington, Indiana.

Brady has been a probation officer in Monroe County for more than a quarter of a century. Prior to being appointed to her current position, she served as an adult probation officer before working as the supervisor and then director of the Court Alcohol and Drug Program. In 1995, she was appointed Chief Probation Officer by the Monroe County Board of Judges.