FY2019 Amendment Announcement and New Grant Cycle

on 3/19/2019 by Kristen Banschbach, Director of Community Corrections

(Website Administrator’s note: Board Members received the following email this week and I am publishing it here for your information. Karen)

The Indiana Department of Correction has received many challenges with the current timeline of the grants. We have analyzed the concerns and will begin a grant cycle based on a calendar year beginning in January 2020.

On 3/15/2019, we presented the idea to move the grant contracts to a calendar year to the Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council. With approval from the Commissioner and without concern of the council, we will be extending the FY2019 grant awards until 12/31/2019. On 4/1/2019, the instructions for the FY2019 amendment (which will allow the continuation of FY19 funding until 12/31/2019) will be emailed out. For those who do not wish to continue their FY2019 award, you will not be obligated and will need to provide in writing that the entity will not be renewing its award. Those instructions will be provided with the amendment on 4/1/2019.

This means that contract for the current applications, due in Intelligrants 3/31/19, will begin on 1/1/2020 through 12/31/2020.

The grant application deadline in Intelligrants remains 3/31/2019.

A visual for the timeline is attached (FY19-and-2020-Timeline) and the important dates are bulleted below. The important dates for the FY2019 current awards are shown on the lower half of the timeline. The planned timeline for the 2020 grant applications are shown on the top half of the illustration.

Important Dates:

Community Corrections & Justice Reinvestment Grants FY2019


  • IDOC sends 6 month extension amendment out to grantees for signature


  • Grantees return amendment


  • FY2019 6 Month Extension Amendment Begins


  • FY2019 Contract extension ends

Community Corrections & Justice Reinvestment Grants 2020


  • Grant Application due through IntelliGrants

April-July 2019

  • IDOC Review, Scoring, Formula, & Pre-award recommendations

August 2019

  • Grant Review Hearings

September 2019

  • Grant awards finalized and approved by the Commissioner and JRAC


  • IDOC sends 2020 contract out for signatures


  • Contract returned for signature


  • Executed 2020 contract

We appreciate your support in making this change. A grant calendar cycle has been requested for many years. With IntelliGrants being a new system and the very limited timeline to implement this year’s awards, we wanted to be able to provide a more reasonable timeline to review and provide recommendations based on data. This will allow more opportunities to clarify requests and provide a formal opportunity on priority presentations through grant hearings.

The intent of this email is to provide the announcement that amendment information will be sent out on 4/1/2019 and the current payments will be extended by 6 months. In addition, the intent was to announce the proposed timeline for this cycle of applications and the movement to a calendar cycle. As always, we will provide more detailed instructions, dates, and new procedures on the milestones of the timeline as those dates approach.

Thank you,

Kristen Banschbach
Director of Community Corrections