COA: Man’s sex-offender probation conditions ‘overly broad’

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The Indiana on 12/12/2016 by Olivia Covington

Although a Boone County man waived his right to object to the delay of the imposition of the sex-offender conditions of his probation, the Indiana Court of Appeals found Monday that a handful of those convictions were erroneously imposed.

In September 2008, Antonio Waters went to a bar with S.C., then returned to S.C.’s home, where Walters punched her in the face and knocked her to the ground. He then continued to punch her while she was lying on the ground and also removed her pants and underwear in a failed attempt to penetrate her. He then forced his penis into S.C.’s mouth and squeezed his hands tightly around her neck.

When S.C. broke free, she called the police and Waters was charged with attempted rape, criminal deviate conduct, criminal confinement, battery resulting in bodily injury and strangulation. After pleading guilty in 2009 to criminal deviate conduct, battery resulting in bodily injury and strangulation, Walters was sentenced to 21 ½ years, with 16 years to be served in the Indiana Department of Correction and 5 ½ years suspended to probation.

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