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Indiana Supreme Court Reduces Drug Sentence and Orders Defendant’s Removal From DOC

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The Indiana Lawyer


Olivia Covington

Finding the circumstances of an Orange County case to be “exceptional,” a majority of the Indiana Supreme Court has reduced a woman’s sentence and ordered that she be removed from the Department of Correction and instead placed in community corrections. A dissenting justice would have denied transfer of the case. Friday’s decision in Lisa Livingston […]

It’s Time to Refocus the Punishment Paradigm

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Adam Gelb and Barbara Broderick

Any parent can tell you that timeouts, groundings, and other punishments only go so far in encouraging good behavior. If kids are scolded over and over again, the reprimands can lose their effect: Walls go up, and cooperation goes down. But throw in a few high-fives or thumbs-ups to recognize a nice job clearing the […]

Overdose video depicts probation response

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Kokomo Perspective


Devin Zimmerman

Aside from law enforcement, perhaps the front line to fighting the drug epidemic in Howard County is housed in the basement of the local courthouse. Every day the Howard County Probation Department deals with individuals in the throes of addiction, an issue that is taking lives at an accelerated rate locally this year. As such, […]

Addiction Impact Panel gives grieving parents a platform

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Kokomo Tribune


Josh Sigler

Chuck McCoskey keeps a chart posted on a bulletin board on the wall of his office in the basement of the Howard County courthouse. The assistant chief of probation wants to keep for himself, and those serving probation, a sobering reminder of what the continued abuse of drugs and alcohol can do to an individual. […]