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SAMHSA launches Evidence-Based Practices Resource Center to equip clinicians, strengthen communities

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The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has launched an Evidence-Based Practices Resource Center (Resource Center) that aims to provide communities, clinicians, policy-makers and others in the field with the information and tools they need to incorporate evidence-based practices into their communities or clinical settings. The Resource Center, at, contains a collection […]

SAMHSA is accepting applications for up to $23.7 million in grants to treat serious mental illness

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The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is accepting applications for its Assertive Community Treatment grants. The grants will be used to improve behavioral health outcomes by reducing the rates of hospitalization and death for people with a serious mental illness (SMI). SAMHSA expects that the program will also reduce the rates of […]

The Homeless-Campus Concept Catches On

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Governing: the States and Localities


J.B. Wogan

As homelessness rises nationwide, Las Vegas is taking a gamble on a new way of helping the homeless. But some say it’s money that could be better spent. On a single night in January last year, almost 6,500 people were counted as homeless in Clark County, Nev., and about 67 percent of them were sleeping […]

SAMHSA publishes guidance on clinical best practices using medication-assisted treatment to combat the opioid epidemic

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The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is publishing guidance today to help broaden healthcare professionals’ understanding of medications that can be used to treat Americans with opioid use disorder (OUD). “We know that people can and do recover from opioid use disorders when they receive appropriate treatment, and medication-assisted treatment’s success in […]

Probation and Parole

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National Institute of Corrections

Probation is a prison sentence that is suspended on the condition that the offender follow certain prescribed rules and commit no further crimes. Today, probation is a federal, state, and local activity administered by more than 2,000 separate agenices, with nearly 4 million adult offenders under supervision. (Seiter 2014) Parole, both a procedure by which […]

Opioid Epidemic: 10 Indiana cities suing pharmaceutical companies

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Indy Star


Ryan Martin

Noblesville was among several Indiana cities and counties to legally confront opioid companies this week, joining the likes of Indianapolis, Bloomington, Lafayette and others that already have filed lawsuits or announced intentions to do so. The rush of new suits came from Greenwood, Fort Wayne, Muncie, Kokomo, Terre Haute, Atlanta, Jennings County and Vigo County. But the […]

NCJFCJ Resolves to Help Modernize Approach to Juvenile Probation With Better Understanding of Adolescent Brain Development

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National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges


The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) passed a resolution supporting the commitment to juvenile probation systems that conform to the latest knowledge of adolescent brain development. Current research on adolescent brain development is key in juvenile and family court judges’ understanding, anticipating and responding to the behavior of adolescents by holding […]

Task force researches improving Indiana’s public defender system

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The Indiana Lawyer


Olivia Covington

On the heels of criticism from a national organization and multiple lawsuits challenging Indiana’s public defender system, Indiana lawmakers and legal stakeholders are beginning to review the state’s public defense mechanisms to identify strategies for improvement. Led by retired 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge John Tinder, the 17-member Task Force on Public Defense was […]

New juvenile case type to be introduced

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The Indiana Lawyer


IL Staff

The Indiana Supreme Court will introduce a new case type into the state’s uniform case numbering system at the start of the new year. The court amended Administrative Rule 8 last week to add a new juvenile case type, JQ, that will serve as the classification for child protection order cases. Other protection order cases […]

Pathways Between Child Maltreatment and Adult Criminal Involvement

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National Institute of Justice


Child abuse and neglect have been shown to increase the risk of later forms of antisocial behavior, including violence perpetration and crime in adulthood. However, the processes through which child abuse leads to subsequent antisocial and criminal behavior are not well understood. New findings from NIJ-funded research conducted by Dr. Herrenkohl and colleagues help to […]

Commitment to Data Sharing

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Indiana Court Times


Two key initiatives undertaken by Trial Court Technology (TCT) are in the spotlight for playing important roles in the sharing of court data with key stakeholders and the public. Data from the Abstract of Judgment application and the Odyssey court case management system is enhancing the amount and quality of data TCT is now able […]

Courtroom 107

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Indiana Court Times


It is a challenge faced by courts throughout Indiana: matching the modern day needs of the courts with the limitations of historic courthouses. But in Allen County, an abundance of will and ingenuity found a way to tackle the problem. After struggling for years with limited space and aging technology, Allen Superior Court Judges embarked […]

Special probation for prisoners with mental illness cuts recidivism

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Ronnie Cohen

(Reuters Health) – Every year, an estimated 2 million people diagnosed with mental illness are jailed in the U.S., and soon after they’re released, many wind up behind bars again. But specialized supervision on probation for people with mental illness can radically reduce the odds they’ll be re-arrested within five years, a new study suggests. […]

People with mental illness reoffend less if on specialty probation

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Science Daily


Yasmin Anwar

Each year, some 2 million people with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses are arrested for various crimes, inadvertently turning the US correctional system into the nation’s primary provider of inpatient psychiatric care. But an eight-year study now offers a solution. Researchers studied the supervision and outcomes of 359 offenders with mental illness, comparing […]

FAQ: Record Management

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Indiana Court Times


Tom Jones

The introduction of electronic filing has generated many questions regarding records. These questions tend to fall under the topics of “permanent records” and the use of the “destruction certification forms.” Guidance may be found in Administrative Rule 6—Court Case Records Media Storage Standards; Administrative Rule 7—Judicial Retention Schedules; and Trial Rule 77—Court Records. This article […]

Substance Abuse Taxes the American Workplace

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FRIDAY, March 24, 2017 (HealthDay News) — Substance abuse exacts a heavy toll on the American workplace, a new analysis shows. Employees who struggle with drinking and drug addiction miss many more days of work, have higher health care costs and are less productive than those without these disorders, researchers report. An analysis revealed that […]

Domestic Violence Victim Gun Bill Steered to Study

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Dave Stafford

A controversial bill that would have allowed victims of domestic violence to legally carry a gun without a permit was steered to a summer study committee Wednesday following testimony from victims and advocates on both sides of the issue. The Senate Judiciary Committee also assigned to study committee “constitutional carry,” which essentially would permit any […]

Building Trust and Legitimacy Within Community Corrections

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National Institute of Justice

December 2016

Wendy Still, Barbara Broderick and Steven Raphael

Corrections in the United States Over the past three decades, the U.S. incarceration rate has increased to historic highs, while crime rates have dropped significantly. Today, the U.S. incarcerates more people than any other nation in the world. In addition to the 2.3 million people incarcerated in our nation’s jails and prisons, 4 million individuals […]

Durlauf appointed as community corrections assistant director

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Dubois County Free Press


Jim O'Neal WITZ News Director

The Community Corrections Advisory Board voted Tuesday afternoon to promote Megan Durlauf to Dubois County Community Corrections Assistant Director after she was recommended by a hiring committee and director William Wells. Wells called her “tremendously qualified” for the position and said they were lucky to have her in the department. Durlauf has been with Dubois County […]

COA: Mentally disabled man belongs in work release, not prison

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The Indiana Lawyer


Olivia Covington

A Greene County man whose home detention was revoked in favor of imprisonment will now be sent to a work-release facility after the Indiana Court of Appeals found that the man’s financial situation and documented mental illnesses were  mitigating factors in his sentencing. In December 2014, Justin Johnson pleaded guilty to neglect of a dependent […]

Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis

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The Council of State Governments


Liz Edmondson

Twenty-five states and the District of Columbia currently allow marijuana use either for medicinal and/or recreational purposes.1 As marijuana use becomes more prevalent in states and legalization gains more popular support, states are addressing the myriad issues arising out of marijuana legalization, such as banking, environmental impacts and driving.2 In light of a new report […]

Deadline for mandatory e-filing nears for Hamilton County, Indiana appellate courts

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Dave Stafford

Ready or not, the era of e-filing begins July 1 for everyone submitting court documents in Hamilton County and in Indiana’s appellate courts. There’s evidence that despite the buildup over recent months, many lawyers and filers may be caught off guard. Indianapolis solo practitioner Dylan Vigh handles cases in state and federal trial courts, including […]

Man Who Was Visiting Friend Not Subject To Illegal Search

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Scott Roberts

A man who was visiting a friend when police found him in possession of a handgun was not a victim of an illegal search, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday. Andrew Shotts stopped by his friend’s house as the home was being searched for heroin and evidence of drug trafficking. After a couple of […]

The Risks and Rewards of Pretrial Release

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Donna Rogers

With the high cost of incarceration and many lives wasted by incarceration, risk assessment tools, community supervision and technology that can support pretrial release into the community seems not only to be substantially cutting costs, but helping offenders too, experts say. By employing pretrial release, say community corrections supervisors, pregnant woman and those with chronic […]

15 justice semifinalists remain

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Dave Stafford

Nine judges, four lawyers in private practice, a state lawmaker and a state attorney are semifinalists to replace Justice Brent Dickson on the Indiana Supreme Court. Thirteen men and two women from every region in the state will return for a second round of interviews next month. The Judicial Nominating Commission selected 15 people as […]

12-year-old murder suspect denied mental health treatment for months

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WTHR 13 Investigates


Bob Segall

The state’s recent response to an Elkhart murder reinforces a longstanding perception that Indiana’s mental healthcare system for children is badly broken. Bob Segall/13 Investigates ELKHART, Ind. – Firefighters arrived at the smoke-filled apartment to find it was covered in blood. They carried out Maria Torres who, minutes earlier, had been stabbed to death inside. […]

Tippecanoe program aims to break cycle of incarceration

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When Curt Howard left prison in September 2014, he was doing OK. He moved in with his mother in Lafayette, and he found a job. Then Howard, a recovering addict, reunited with his former girlfriend, who still was using heroin, he said. “My boss is telling me, ‘Why you moving out?’ My mom is telling […]

Community-Based Responses to Justice-Involved Young Adults

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National Institute of Justice: September 2015 (No. 1)

Vincent Schiraldi, Bruce Western and Kendra Bradner

This paper raises important questions about the criminal justice system’s response to young adults. Recent advances in behavior and neuroscience research confirm that brain development continues well into a person’s 20s, meaning that young adults have more psychosocial similarities to children than to older adults. This developmental distinction should help inform the justice system’s response to criminal behavior among this age group. The […]

Johnson County Drug Dealer Arrest Sweep

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Over 50 arrest warrants issued in Johnson County drug bust; 12 more in custody. JOHNSON COUNTY – Over 50 felony warrants were served earlier Tuesday in Johnson County on suspected drug dealers, law enforcement said. An additional 12 people were in custody as of Wednesday, in addition to 30 arrested Tuesday. The Johnson County Prosecutor’s […]

County Looking Into Probation Office Expansion

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The Shelbyville News


Alex Krach

Discussions are currently ongoing between the Shelby County Commissioners, the Shelby County Council and the Shelby County Probation Office at the possibility of expanding the probation office by building a center, which would be connected to the Shelby County Community Corrections building. “We’re just packed in here like sardines, at two people per office in […]