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His loss will reverberate in courtrooms around the nation….

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NWI Times


Steve Garrison

Recently retired public defender planned to pursue passion for judiciary before fatal shooting, friends say A prominent attorney remembered for his warmth, good humor and precise legal mind was expected to retire at month’s end to pursue his passion for the judiciary. Instead, Tracy Edward Page was shot and killed Wednesday afternoon at his Hobart […]

Appellate Court Affirms Battery Conviction, Probation Condition

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Olivia Covington

The Indiana Court of Appeals has upheld a man’s battery conviction and probationary prohibition on possession of a firearm, finding the trial court did not err in the process of hearing testimony and imposing a sentence. In Robert Wilder v. State of Indiana, 49A02-1706-CR-1420, Robert Wilder operated a food truck next to an Indianapolis restaurant […]

Arrestee DNA collection bill clears House panel

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The Indiana


The House Judiciary Committee on Monday voted 11-0 in favor of a proposal to collect DNA samples from anyone arrested and charged with a felony. House Bill 1577 advanced to the full House after committee discussed concerns about how collection of DNA buccal swabs may be expunged from criminal databases in the event charges are […]

Rush sites growth of problem-solving courts during State of Judiciary

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Dave Stafford

A Lawrence County schoolteacher who lost her job after she fell victim to heroin addiction is emblematic of Indiana’s problem-solving courts that Chief Justice Loretta Rush said are helping communities statewide deal with a crippling drug crisis. “We cannot afford to incarcerate or institutionalize our way out of this drug crisis,” Rush said in her […]

Fake urine a problem for Ohio drug screens

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Dayton Daily News


Josh Sweigart

DAYTON, Ohio — More than once while clinging to a cell phone tower hundreds of feet in the air while under the influence of heroin, cocaine or marijuana, it occurred to Chris how easy it would be to make a mistake and bring down the whole tower. Somebody could get killed. But that didn’t stop […]