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Appellate Court Affirms Battery Conviction, Probation Condition

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Olivia Covington

The Indiana Court of Appeals has upheld a man’s battery conviction and probationary prohibition on possession of a firearm, finding the trial court did not err in the process of hearing testimony and imposing a sentence. In Robert Wilder v. State of Indiana, 49A02-1706-CR-1420, Robert Wilder operated a food truck next to an Indianapolis restaurant […]

Arrestee DNA collection bill clears House panel

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The Indiana


The House Judiciary Committee on Monday voted 11-0 in favor of a proposal to collect DNA samples from anyone arrested and charged with a felony. House Bill 1577 advanced to the full House after committee discussed concerns about how collection of DNA buccal swabs may be expunged from criminal databases in the event charges are […]

Rush sites growth of problem-solving courts during State of Judiciary

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Dave Stafford

A Lawrence County schoolteacher who lost her job after she fell victim to heroin addiction is emblematic of Indiana’s problem-solving courts that Chief Justice Loretta Rush said are helping communities statewide deal with a crippling drug crisis. “We cannot afford to incarcerate or institutionalize our way out of this drug crisis,” Rush said in her […]

Fake urine a problem for Ohio drug screens

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Dayton Daily News


Josh Sweigart

DAYTON, Ohio — More than once while clinging to a cell phone tower hundreds of feet in the air while under the influence of heroin, cocaine or marijuana, it occurred to Chris how easy it would be to make a mistake and bring down the whole tower. Somebody could get killed. But that didn’t stop […]