Awards and Recognition

This committee reviews applications for the Donald “Charley” Knepple Scholarship. The committee also reviews nominations for the annual Founder’s Award.


This committee is responsible for recruiting individual and corporate members.


This committee is responsible for the planning and execution of both the Annual Fall Conference and Chief’s Summit.


This committee is responsible for taking nominations for the executive board positions, preparing the election slate, taking care of absentee ballots and tallying votes.


This committee works with our lobbyist and keeps abreast on all issues relating to the field of probation. The committee prepares copies of bills for the members at all meetings and attends sessions or appoints a designated person to attend the sessions on the bills relating to probation.


This committee assesses, evaluates and maintains the technology used by the organization. Technology is defined as hardware, software or other “modern” machine related devices to advance the interests of the association.

Chief Probation Officers’ Executive Committee

The mission of this committee is to innovatively and collaboratively promote the highest level of professional within the Probation administrator’s role and responsibilities.