A Heart for Strays

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“The Vision”, the Providence High School alumni magazine by Katie Chrisco

(Elizabeth Starck is our 2015 Indiana Line PO of the Year)

Elizabeth Starck ’01 has always had a love for animals. As a young girl, she said, she would bring home stray animals and beg her parents to let her keep them. Now, as a volunteer for Southern Indiana Animal Rescue, she is still bringing animals home – but with the intent of finding them a new one.

Her volunteering over 4-1/2 years has included serving as the organization’s treasurer, but now she mostly works on fundraising by helping organize events from the Fido 5K to various golf scrambles.

“We’re always in the process of raising money because we don’t have any sort of grant or federal funding” she said. “It’s all by donation and our adoption fees. So I just work on coordinating fundrasing events because people love their animals.”

Starck’s efforts have helped raise about $45,000 for the rescue, “which goes a long way in the dog world” she said.

In addition to fundraising, Starck also fosters animals. Because the rescue does not have a shelter, its animal assistance is in-home based. The rescue places animals in foster homes until they are socialized enough to be adopted. Starck said the rescue acts as a financial backer, paying for all of the expenses of fostering an animal. She has fostered animals from as short as 30 minutes to as long as more than two years.

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