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Woman who started fight outside bar responsible for victim’s medical bills

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The Indiana Lawyer


Jennifer Nelson

A Chicago woman who got kicked out of a bar and instigated a confrontation with a bouncer must pay for the medical bills the man sustained as a result of being attacked by her friends, the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday.

Interim Study Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code Meeting Video and Exhibits

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Videos for the Interim Study Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code meetings on September 6 and September 19 are available online. Exhibits from the September 6 meeting include: Presentation by Department of Correction Presentation by Prosecuting Attorneys Council Presentation by Public Defender Council Presentation by Office of Judicial Administration Staff Presentation by Division of Mental […]

Mich. doubles capacity to prep inmates for in-demand jobs

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Associated Press

September 3, 2017

David Eggert

Inside what was once a prison license plate factory, 42-year-old inmate Richard Willett spends his days in a converted robotics lab, learning how to operate computerized machinery in hopes of working a good-paying job when he’s freed. It’s better than his past two prison stints, when he mostly just waited for parole only to end […]

Renovations planned for the former youth detention center

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The Courier-Times

9/17/ 2017

Kevin Green

Facility to house victims of human trafficking Henry County’s former youth detention center, located atop a hill just west of Ind. 3 in Memorial Park, will soon be back in the business of housing juveniles. However, the facility’s future tenants won’t be there because they ran afoul of the law; rather, it will be because […]

A job after prison: Making the case for an under-used workforce

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The Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

September 4, 2017

Neal St. Anthony

Davis Powell works at Pomp’s Tire Service in Savage where he inspects and repairs tires. “Overall, it’s a good job with good benefits,” said Powell, 33, a two-year employee. Powell has gone from being a penniless inmate in a Minnesota state prison four years ago to a $14-an-hour employee, plus benefits and ample overtime, a […]

Jail Survey Results

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Interim Study Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code

The results of a jail survey recently conducted in cooperation with the Sheriffs’ Association including Abstract of Judgment data was submitted to the Interim Study Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code earlier and provides a snapshot of current jail populations and the impact of Level 6 offenders. Questions, contact Lisa Thompson, Project Manager for Trial Court […]

DOC cost-saving move disappoints

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The Journal Gazette


Niki Kelly

INDIANAPOLIS – Lawmakers heard Tuesday that efforts to reduce costs at the Indiana Department of Correction and divert offenders to programs such as community corrections and probation haven’t been as successful as hoped. Chris Johnston of KSM Consulting delivered a report to the Interim Study Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code on the reform that […]

Remembering Thomas E. Gahl

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The United States Probation Office for the Southern District of Indiana has been dedicated to the memory of U.S. Probation Officer Thomas E. Gahl, who was the first U.S. Probation Officer killed in the line of duty by a parolee. Tom was killed on September 22, 1986, by Michael Wayne Jackson, who had a life-long […]

State’s (Massachusetts) high court rules on bail’s impact on poor defendants

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The case of a Hampden County man locked up for three-and-a-half years awaiting trial because he couldn’t make bail on a charge of armed robbery while masked led to a state high court decision Friday that advocates say will reform a bail system they say punishes poor people. “Our clients who don’t have the money […]

Police: Intruder shot to death after kicking open wrong door

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Indy Star


Vic Ryckaert,

A man thought his child’s mother was inside when he banged on the front door and demanded to enter a northeast-side apartment late Thursday. But it was the wrong address. When this angry man kicked in the door to that wrong apartment, he paid with his life. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police said a resident was protecting […]

Probation officer funding issues spark public safety tax discussion

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Herald Times


Ernest Rollins

A request to move the funding of a probation officer position to Monroe County’s public safety local income tax fund sparked discussion about spending priorities for those tax dollars, and the overall condition of user fee funds. At a county 2018 budget hearing Monday, Chief Probation Officer Linda Brady told the Monroe County Council her […]

POPAI August 2017 Legislative Report

Linda Brady reported that she has been appointed to serve as a lay member of the Interim Study Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code. Senator Mike Young is the Chair, and Representative Tom Washburne is the Vice Chair. Find more information including dates for the committee meetings and study topics in the Members Only Area […]

From vandalism to murder: Hate crimes you didn’t know were happening in Indiana

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The Indianapolis Star


Stephanie Wang

FORT WAYNE — “This is a hate crime.” That’s what a white supremacist told a Fort Wayne police officer last year, according to an affidavit, as he confessed to killing a black man. Aaryn Snyder showed the police officer a tattoo — a “patch,” the affidavit said, from a “white organization.” He said he earned it by […]

2017 Fall Conference Photo Album

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The Fall Conference Photos are here! We’d like to have more photos here. If you took photos that we can use, please email them to Karen (

2017 Founder’s Award: Glenna Shelby

The “Founder’s Award” is a way of recognizing individuals who have significantly contributed to the field of probation in general and specifically to the POPAI organization. The recipient need not be a Probation Officer or POPAI member. The selected person however, shall be characterized by his/her commitment of influence and promotion of professionalism to Indiana […]

2017 Rookie Probation Officer of the Year: Brittany Stodghill

The “Rookie” Probation Officer of the Year Award was established to recognize probation officers who, while at the beginning of their career, show the attitude, aptitude, and the desire to improve themselves and to develop into leaders among their peers. Nominees shall be within their first two (2) years of certification as a probation officer […]

2017 Line Probation Officer of the Year: Ben Neureiter

The Line Probation Officer of the Year Award was established to recognize line probation officers who have performed their duties in an outstanding manner and/or made significant contributions to the field of probation at the local, regional or national level. The recipient may also have brought credit or honor to the profession of probation through […]

Criminal Rule 26 Timeline Change

September 6, 2017

Indiana Supreme Court

CR 26 timeline change The Indiana Supreme Court handed down an order that amends the effective date of Sections A and B of Criminal Rule 26 until January 2020. Chief Justice Rush highlights the collaborative work being done to implement an evidence based pretrial justice system. See attached Order and letter from Chief Justice Rush. Criminal Rule […]

2017 Indiana Department of Correction Cost Savings Report

The 2017 DOC Cost Savings Report to the Indiana General Assembly dated February 28, 2017. DOC 2017 CostSavingsReport IntroductionLetter1006Carter This report must be filed by the DOC annually by March 1st pursuant to IC 11-12-2-1(b).  

County Probation Officers Recognized

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The Hendricks County Flyer


Stephanie Dolan

DANVILLE — The vision of the Hendricks County Probation Department is to reduce recidivism through evidence-based cognitive behavior self-change programming and case planning. Hendricks County Probation oversees both adult and juvenile probation as well as home detention. Cases that come through the probation office range from theft to drinking and driving to battery and sex […]

Special probation for prisoners with mental illness cuts recidivism

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Ronnie Cohen

(Reuters Health) – Every year, an estimated 2 million people diagnosed with mental illness are jailed in the U.S., and soon after they’re released, many wind up behind bars again. But specialized supervision on probation for people with mental illness can radically reduce the odds they’ll be re-arrested within five years, a new study suggests. […]

POST BAIL – America’s justice system runs on the exchange of money for freedom. Some say that’s unfair. But can data fix it?

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NBC News


Jon Schuppe

JERSEY CITY, N.J. ─ On the ground floor of a deteriorating county courthouse, in a room outfitted with temporary office furniture and tangles of electrical wires, a cornerstone of America’s criminal justice system is crumbling. A 20-year-old man in a green jail jumpsuit appears on a video monitor that faces a judge. It is early June, and he […]

People with mental illness reoffend less if on specialty probation

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Science Daily


Yasmin Anwar

Each year, some 2 million people with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses are arrested for various crimes, inadvertently turning the US correctional system into the nation’s primary provider of inpatient psychiatric care. But an eight-year study now offers a solution. Researchers studied the supervision and outcomes of 359 offenders with mental illness, comparing […]