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Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council – June 20, 2016 Update

June 20, 2016

Linda Brady, POPAI President

POPAI Members: POPAI is a voting member of the statutorily created Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council (JRAC). I serve as our representative on JRAC. JRAC met on June 20, 2016.  All of the meeting materials and Minutes have been posted in POPAI’s Members Only area of the website. The next JRAC meeting is scheduled for […]

2016 POPAI Elections – Reminder

Reminder: Time is running short for POPAI’s 2016 Annual Elections. Up for election in 2016: President Secretary District 2 District 4 District 6 District 8 POPAI Vice President Adam McQueen is serving as the Election Committee Chair. Intent-to-Run-Form-2016 The Intent to Run form must be sent to Adam by July 8th (postmarked, emailed or faxed).  By […]

Suspicious indicators can help foil terrorists before they strike

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Force Science Institute Ltd, News


Suspicious indicators can help foil terrorists before they strike “Response is the traditional role of law enforcement, but protecting your community from terrorist attack requires a different strategy. Being prepared to respond is very different from being proactive. If you have to respond to a terrorist event, that’s a failure. With those challenging observations, Michael […]

Making an Impact with Justice in Mind

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The Indiana Lawyer

June 15, 2016

Marilyn Odendahl

Perseverance paid off for a group that is teaching children there are better ways to resolve their disputes than by clenching their fist and throwing a punch. The Peace Learning Center, a nonprofit focused on conflict resolution, is the 2015 recipient of the Indianapolis Bar Foundation Impact Fund Grant. Since 2011, the grant program has […]

2017 PO Minimum Salary Schedule CORRECTED

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Indiana Judicial Center

June 15, 2016

  It has come to the attention of the Judicial Center that there is a typographical error on the 2017 Minimum Salary Schedule for Probation Officers.  The salary amount for 10-14 years of experience was originally listed as $50,355, but the correct amount is $50,335 (a difference of $20).  This correction has been made to […]

Madison County inmates offered alternative treatment for opioid addiction

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June 9, 2016

Tim McNicholas

ANDERSON, Ind. (WISH) — A new program gives Madison County inmates a chance to beat their drug addictions. Officials are offering inmates drug addiction treatment and, if they agree, it could change the inmate’s sentence. One participant agreed to an interview with 24-Hour News 8 but asked to be referred to only as Melissa. A […]

Brock Turner case: Probation department’s report spared scrutiny

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San Jose Mercury News


Jacqueline Lee

While public criticism has focused on a Santa Clara County judge for handing out what many consider a lenient sentence to a former Stanford swimmer convicted of felony sexual assault, the recommendation he followed has escaped similar scrutiny. That recommendation came from a county probation officer days before Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky sentenced Brock […]

Members Only Discussion: Internet Presence

We’ve opened a new section in the Members Only Area called “Internet Presence“. This section is for questions and tips regarding websites, social media, using the internet as an investigation tool, and more. This area is also for sharing website and social media work that your department has found successful. I’ll be joining this discussion […]

Having a Parent Behind Bars Costs Children, States

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The PEW Charitable Trusts


Teresa Wiltz

Jamaill never knew his mother. When he was 1, his father was incarcerated, and Jamaill got to know him largely through letters and phone calls. Twice a year, he would trek from Brooklyn to an upstate New York prison to visit — a trip that involved a plane ride, a long drive and an overnight […]

2016 POPAI Elections Reminder

Reminder: It’s time for the annual POPAI Elections. Up for election in 2016: President Secretary District 2 District 4 District 6 District 8 POPAI Vice President Adam McQueen is serving as the Election Committee Chair. Intent-to-Run-Form-2016 The Intent to Run form must be sent to Adam by July 8th (postmarked, emailed or faxed).  By August […]

Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council News

June 9, 2016

Dear POPAI Members, The proposed minutes from the April 2016 meeting of the Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council may be found at the following link.  April 2016 JRAC meeting minutes The next JRAC meeting will be held on June 20th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Indiana Judicial Center.  The meeting is open to […]

The POPAI Fall Conference Celebrates its 20th Year in 2016!

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the fall conference, the Board is providing 20 members an opportunity to attend the conference with no registration fee cost. More information to follow along with the registration information. Please consider joining us at the Fall Conference as we celebrate our 20th fall event of education, networking and […]

Howard County eliminates probation position Chief probation officer asks for consideration in future for workload

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Devin Zimmerman

Howard County’s attrition ordinance continues to be enacted, this time within the probation department. During last month’s meeting, the Howard County Council removed a position from the county’s probation department. The move, made unanimously, resulted in the position’s $36,951.39 salary and other benefits being returned to the county’s general fund. “We had an employee that […]

Henryville Correctional Facility in Clark County to close by July 1

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Jessica Bard

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — The Henryville Correctional Facility in Clark County, Ind., will close by July 1. A recent bill requires certain felons to go to county jails instead of state prisons, meaning fewer offenders in the facility. The move was made “in an effort to save taxpayer money and more efficiently utilize allocated funds.” Officials […]

Prisoners’ code word caught by software that eavesdrops on calls

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Hal Hodson

Plug a machine-learning system in to prison phone lines and you can find out secrets a human monitor would never notice. SAY it out loud and the machines will know. Search engines are moving beyond the web and into the messy real world. And they’re finding some odd things. Every call into or out of […]

Reentry from Prison-An Offender’s Story

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DC Public Safety Radio Show


We interviewed Jeffery Porter, who was released from prison in November of 2015. He is currently under the supervision of the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) in Washington, D.C. CSOSA produces “DC Public Safety” radio and television. Mr. Porter tells his story about multiple contacts with the criminal justice system, and his views […]