2016 Line Probation Officer of the Year: Edward Beber

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The Line Probation Officer of the Year Award was established to recognize line probation officers who have performed their duties in an outstanding manner and/or made significant contributions to the field of probation at the local, regional or national level. The recipient may also have brought credit or honor to the profession of probation through participation or involvement in community activities or programs. This recognition will be awarded to probation officers who are involved in the direct supervision of criminal defendants/juvenile offenders and/or other line probation officer duties such as conducting Presentence Investigations, Preliminary Inquiries, and Predispositional Investigations.

The 2016 Line Probation Officer of the Year is Edward Beber of Whitley County Probation Department.

He is an adult probation officer working with high risk felony offenders and those with severe substance abuse issues. In the nomination for this honor, his Chief Probation Officer notes that this individual is recognized for his work ethic, professionalism and his integrity. “He truly wants what is best for his probationers, as well as the community. He is dedicated to changing the lives of those he works with while remaining firm and fair.” “He is consistent and goes above and beyond what is needed to create an environment where (probationers) can learn from their errors and be successful.” “He has built a great reputation within the law enforcement community and everyone he comes in contact with.”

His chief, Amy Motter, who nominated Ed for this honor stated, “As Ed’s supervisor, he makes my job easy. I can rely on him to do this job and do it well with very little supervision if any at all. He is a leader within our department and is highly respected by all of his coworkers.”

The Honorable James Heuer, Judge of the Whitley Circuit Court, stated in his endorsement of the nomination, “Ed truly understands the role of the probation officer in a criminal proceeding and is a key person in the administration of criminal justice in Whitley County.”

Whitely County Community Corrections Director, Paula Worden, commented that, “Ed is an outstanding professional, mentor and colleague. He goes out of his way to help others. He is an extraordinary role model for the profession and as well an inspiration to new staff beginning their careers.”