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The Dropout Problem: Part 1

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Indiana Court Times


Ruth Reichard

A judge presiding over a criminal docket will quickly conclude that family violence cases are different. In an auto theft case, for example, the victim is usually cooperative: she wants to help the police and prosecutor bring the perpetrator to justice for his crime. But in a case involving family violence—especially intimate partner violence—the victim […]

Clark County Holds Staff Retreat


James Hayden

Clark County Probation recently held its first staff retreat for the probation officers and probation admin staff.  The retreat was held at Wooded Glen Retreat and Conference Center in Henryville, Indiana. The day was broken up into conference time and team building activities.  In the morning conference session the topics included a breakdown on caseload […]

Panel on R.I. Probation Releases its Study

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Providence Journal


John Hill

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Rhode Island needs to make significant changes in its overburdened probation system, by lessening the time people spend on probation, making it harder to send them back for violations and better assessing who needs treatment more than prison, the staff of a special panel studying the issue said in a report released […]

FINAL REPORT: 2015 Corrections and Criminal Code Interim Study Committee

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The 2015 Corrections and Criminal Code Interim Study Committee completed its work by the Nov. 1st deadline. The committee’s FINAL REPORT is filed online. 2015 FINAL REPORT Corrections and Criminal Code

39 graduate at 40th Drug Court

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The Journal Gazette

December 15, 2015

Frank Gray

Allen Superior Court’s Drug Court held its 40th graduation ceremony Monday, with 39 graduates receiving certificates and also having charges against them dropped. The various participants, from 21 to 59 years old, some facing first of­fenses and others with lengthy criminal records, spent between nine and 24 months in the program, under­going counseling and testing […]

Court divided over drug sentence

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Jennifer Nelson

The Indiana Court of Appeals upheld a man’s convictions for making and delivering methamphetamine, but the judges did not agree that the 32-year sentence imposed by the trial court was appropriate. Ronald L. Eckelbarger was convicted of three counts of Class B felony dealing in methamphetamine – two by delivery and one by manufacturing – […]

Addiction Impact Panel gives grieving parents a platform

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Kokomo Tribune


Josh Sigler

Chuck McCoskey keeps a chart posted on a bulletin board on the wall of his office in the basement of the Howard County courthouse. The assistant chief of probation wants to keep for himself, and those serving probation, a sobering reminder of what the continued abuse of drugs and alcohol can do to an individual. […]

IRAS/IYAS Training and Recertifiication for 2016


Indiana Judicial Center

At the link below, you will find the 2016 IRAS/IYAS Training information and registration.  Please note this training calendar is for initial certification only.  If you have any questions or need further assistance with registering for 2016 trainings, please contact the Indiana Judicial Center. 2016 IRAS IYAS training registration In addition, IJC is working to […]

Lifeline Law could be extended to include illegal drugs

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December 1, 2015

By Zach Osowski

INDIANAPOLIS — Expanding Indiana’s Lifeline Law beyond alcohol offenses will be one of Gov. Mike Pence’s legislative priorities during the 2016 session. Pence released more directives based on recommendations from his Drug Task Force aimed at helping Indiana battle drug usage. Among the directives was a promise to support three bills from Sen. Jim Merritt, […]

Indiana prosecutors call for harsher sentences on drug offenses

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Indiana prosecutors are calling for tougher punishments on drug crimes in a proposal that they say would target career drug dealers and violent criminals. The Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council, or IPAC, is urging state lawmakers to consider a bill this coming session that would give prosecutors more tools to charge suspected drug dealers with higher-level offenses. The proposed legislation […]

December Board Meeting Minutes

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The December Board Meeting minutes have been posted.

Community-Based Responses to Justice-Involved Young Adults

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National Institute of Justice: September 2015 (No. 1)

Vincent Schiraldi, Bruce Western and Kendra Bradner

This paper raises important questions about the criminal justice system’s response to young adults. Recent advances in behavior and neuroscience research confirm that brain development continues well into a person’s 20s, meaning that young adults have more psychosocial similarities to children than to older adults. This developmental distinction should help inform the justice system’s response to criminal behavior among this age group. The […]

Ga. leads US in probation; critics say money is reason

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  ATLANTA — Georgia leads the nation in placing its citizens on probation, a distinction that is now being studied by the state’s criminal justice reform experts, a federal report shows. The state’s probation population at the end of last year was 471,067, according to newly released numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics. […]