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Murdered mother’s family questions probation officer (Florida)

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10NEWS/Tampa Bay

May 22, 2015

Jonathan Petramala,

It’s a video, that over two months after it was taken, is still haunting. 34-year-old Kristen Finn used her cell phone to record an argument with her husband Michael, about prescription drug use. “When you are sober we get along great Michael,” Kristen is overheard saying in the video. But arrest records for domestic violence […]

Can One Man End the Global Drug War?

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May 27, 2015

Nathan Siegel

In between slurps of soup and sips of coffee,  Jindřich Vobořil  tells a story of his youth that would sell out a Broadway theater. He lived on and off the streets in his hometown of Brno, Czechoslovakia, running with local gangs. By age 12, he was burning through 30 cigarettes a day and says he […]

2016 Minimum Salary Schedule for Probation Officers

Linda Brady, POPAI President

Below is a link to the 2016 Minimum Salary Schedule for Probation Officers. The 2016 schedule reflects a 2.2% increase. 2016 PO Salary Schedule

Editorial: Some funding for corrections

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Kokomo Tribune

May 29, 2015

People who commit the most violent of crimes in Indiana will be serving longer prison sentences. Fewer people who are convicted of low-level felonies will be sentenced to prison. And counties will see more state funding to help rehabilitate their non-violent offenders, who until recently would’ve been serving years within the Indiana Department of Correction. […]

2015 POPAI Elections

May 22, 2015

Linda Brady, POPAI President

Dear POPAI Members: REMINDER that it’s time to start the 2015 POPAI election process. Up for election in 2015: District 1 District 3 District 5 District 7 Vice-President Treasurer FYI:  POPAI just received notice of a board vacancy for the District 5 Representative (was Lori White of Marion County).  Per the POPAI by-laws if a […]

Probation officer finds meth lab during home visit

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May 14, 2015

STEUBEN COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) A man was arrested in Steuben County after a probation officer saw materials to make methamphetamine during a home visit. The probation officer contacted the Steuben County Sheriff’s Department and the state meth suppression lab team, during which officers found several more items used to make meth inside the home and […]

Trauma among Girls in the Juvenile Justice System

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The National Child Traumatic Stress Network


Patricia K. Kerig, Ph.D., and Julian D. Ford, Ph.D.

With rates of arrests for girls in the United States fast outpacing those for boys, the past decade has seen increasing attention devoted to understanding the causes, consequences, and solutions for girls’ delinquency. Girls now account for approximately 30 percent of the estimated 2.11 million juvenile arrests made each year, and on any given day […]

2015 Knepple Scholarship Awarded

May 14, 2015

POPAI provides a scholarship in memory of probation officer Donald “Charley” Knepple.  Charley lost his life on April 28, 1997, while performing his probation officer duties in Allen County, Indiana.  In an effort to honor an outstanding professional and to promote further professionalism, POPAI selected a scholarship that would encourage continued education and advanced degrees […]

Insane Clown Posse – Insane Clown Posse Scrap Tour Over Probation Issues

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The rappers have been on the road for their Marvelous Missing Link In-Store Insanity Tour, but had to pull out of dates last week (ends 08May15) to allow Shaggy 2 Dope to return to his native Detroit, Michigan to sort out the probation problem. They subsequently scrapped the rest of the trek and now a […]

How 4 teens became murderers without killing anyone

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Indy Star


ELKHART – — April Sparks was waiting in line to pre-pay for gas at a 7-Eleven store when she overheard a conversation she didn’t want to hear. “They don’t deserve that,” the cashier said. “They should spend their lives in prison,” the customer in front of her said. Sparks knew exactly whom they were talking […]

2015 POPAI Elections – Time to Submit Intent to Run

May 13, 2015

Cherie Wood, POPAI Election Committee Chair

It’s time for the annual POPAI Elections. Up for election in 2015: District 1 District 3 District 5 District 7 Vice-President Treasurer POPAI District 8 Representative Cherie Wood is serving as the Election Committee Chair.  The Intent to Run form may be found on the POPAI web site. The Intent to Run form must be […]

Board Meeting Minutes

The POPAI Board members met for an informal information meeting on Legislative updates. The minutes are online and the Legislative information is in the Members Only Discussion Area. The April 16 meeting’s minutes are here.

SAVE THE DATE: 2015 POPAI Fall Conference to feature Mark Carey and Mimi Carter

May 8, 2015

Susan Rice

SAVE THE DATE:  2015 POPAI Fall Conference September 16th, 17th and 18th Mark your calendars now for the 2015 POPAI Fall Conference which will once again be held at the beautiful French Lick Resort. In our continuing efforts to focus on Evidence Based Practices, POPAI will be sponsoring a special EBP track which will provide up […]

The dirty little secret of drug abuse

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Tribune Star

May 2, 2015

Lisa Trigg

Jane, a recovering drug addict and lifelong Vigo County resident, is alive and well today. Her decades-long nightmare, which included numerous instances of sharing needles with friends to inject ground-up pills or meth into her body to satisfy her cravings, could have ended differently. Tragically. As she watches the unfolding drama in southeastern Indiana’s Scott […]

Work to prevent opiate drug abuse

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Indiana 10:13 p.m. EDT May 2, 2015

Since Gov. Mike Pence issued a public health disaster emergency order in response to the state’s HIV outbreak, public and private leaders have marshalled a remarkable effort to identify cases, provide care and support to those who have tested positive for HIV, and prevent new infections. This evidence-based approach is critical to effectively contain the […]

Flakka, synthetic drug behind increasingly bizarre crimes

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Evansville Courier and Press


Journal Media Group

One man ran naked through a Florida neighborhood, tried to have sex with a tree and told police he was the mythical god Thor. Another ran nude down a busy city street in broad daylight, convinced a pack of German shepherds was pursuing him. Two others tried separately to break into the Fort Lauderdale Police […]

2015 Legislative Session Ends – How did bills followed by POPAI fare?

May 1, 2015

Linda Brady, POPAI President

Dear POPAI Membership: Please log to our Members Only discussion area to read a message from POPAI Lobbyist Glenna Shelby regarding the end of 2015 Legislative Session. Also in our Members Only area is an updated list of bills followed by POPAI and how they fared. I included a separate list of our followed bills […]

Why Not Start Addiction Treatment Right In The ER?

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April 29, 2015

Scott Hensley

­ ­When patients brought to the ER have uncontrolled blood pressure, neglected asthma or diabetes that hasn’t been dealt with, doctors often start treatment right then and there. But what happens when the patient turns out to be addicted to opioids, such as oxycodone or heroin? In case of an overdose, the medical team can […]