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Region legislators to craft state laws through committee work

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December 17, 2014

Dan Carden

INDIANAPOLIS | The nitty-gritty work of writing Indiana’s laws most of the time gets done not in the glittering House and Senate chambers, but in dreary, plain committee rooms scattered throughout the Statehouse. It is there representatives and senators go through legislative proposals line byline, make changes they decide are needed and hear the opinions […]

Is Indiana ready to legalize Marijuana?

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December 18, 2014

Kristine Guerra

(INDY STAR) — State Sen. Karen Tallian has tried for years to legalize marijuana. The Democrat from Portage, Ind., has introduced bills that would have decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana. Those efforts have so far failed. This coming session, Tallian hopes a more narrowly defined bill to legalize marijuana for people with […]

Drug Addiction Treatment in the Criminal Justice System

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National Institute on Drug Abuse

April 2014

Drug Use, Crime, and Incarceration The connection between drug use and crime is well known. Drug use is implicated in at least five types of drug-related offenses: Offenses related to drug possession or sales Offenses directly related to obtaining drugs (e.g., stealing to get money for drugs) Offenses related to a lifestyle that includes association […]

Online database shows convictions bring consequences beyond incarceration

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Marilyn Odendahl

The American Bar Association has completed work on a national database that identifies the legal restrictions and prohibitions that individuals convicted of a crime face in addition to the sentence imposed by the court. The National Inventory of the Collateral Consequences of Conviction, available at, is an online directory that lists the federal and state […]

New Ind. program would use cell phones to track, reform offenders

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The News-Sentinel


Kevin Leininger

Does the government use people’s cell phones to track their movements?  For some people in Allen County, that soon could be true–and that’s a good thing, officials say. The Allen County Commissioners today were expected to approve a pilot program under which the county’s Community Corrections department would monitor the whereabouts of about 70 released […]

40 sex offenders to appear on Indy billboards

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David Barras

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — There are about 1,600 convicted sex offenders in Marion County. Forty of them remain unregistered and missing. It is those 40 who are the targets of a new effort which began Monday that will take them from the shadows of the streets to the bright lights of big billboards. The hope is to […]

Indiana Case involving term of probation to “not consume alcohol”

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The Indiana Law Blog


On Monday, Dec. 8, 2014, the Indiana Supreme Court had scheduled oral arguments for the case of  Natosha L. Stillions v. State of Indiana (53A01-1311-CR-508) . After stealing items from her employer, Stillions was convicted of theft, a Class A misdemeanor. As one condition of probation, Stillions was ordered by the Monroe Circuit Court not to […]

POPAI “Members Only” Discussion Area Now Open to All Members

December 7, 2014

Dear POPAI Membership: All POPAI members should have received an email from our website administrator Karen Oeding regarding the POPAI Discussion area. The POPAI “Members Only” Discussion area is now open to all members. So far, we have the following topics: Department Policies and Procedures; POPAI Legislative Updates; Question and Answer; Training; and Eventually the […]

Juvenile center unveils new computer lab

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November 19, 2014

A new multipurpose computer lab aimed at helping young offenders was to open today at the Allen County Juvenile ​Center. “The computer lab is part of a larger strategy to get kids on juvenile probation back on track, in school and away from crime,” said Judge Dan Heath of the Family Relations Division of the […]

Man in Facebook Threat Case Scrutinized for Note to Prosecutor

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The Wall Street Journal


Brent Kendall

The man at the center of a Supreme Court case about posting threats on Facebook has caught the attention of U.S. probation officials for more recent comments he allegedly made about cross burning in a prison note to a prosecutor. The high court heard oral argument Monday on whether to uphold the 2011 conviction of […]

APPA Leadership Institute

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APPA Leadership Institute A Twelve Month Journey of Self Discovery and Organizational Change for Community Corrections Professionals APPLICATION DEADLINE – April 1, 2015 Are you concerned about succession planning? Are you seeing many of your senior staff making retirement plans? Are you seeking staff training opportunities to enhance the skills of developing leaders in your […]