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Leaking juvenile facility roof may be deemed county emergency

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By Amy Lavalley Post-Tribune correspondent 

July 16, 2014

VALPARAISO — A leaking roof in the secure part of the Juvenile Service Center means that every time it rains, the fire alarm system goes off and, most times, the building has to be evacuated, including the staff and the children in custody there.

“Things are getting pretty dire,” Alison Cox, director of the Juvenile Detention Center, told the Porter County Board of Commissioners Tuesday.

Should juvenile offenders serve time in adult prison?

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Chris Proffitt

6:53 PM, Jul 16, 2014

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana judges are using a change in state laws to keep juvenile offenders sentenced as adults out of adult prisons.

Paul Gingerich was only 12 when he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and he is believed to be the youngest person in Indiana ever sentenced to prison as an adult. Now at age 16, he’s in a juvenile detention facility, but has since become the de facto face of children sentenced to serve time in adult prisons.

Indiana’s probation standards revised for first time since 2001

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Evansville Courier & Press

By Mark Wilson
EVANSVILLE, Ind. — As Indiana’s criminal justice system has evolved in its approach to rehabilitating offenders the role of probation officers has also evolved.

“It’s a lot different from it was 20 years ago. Trail ‘em, nail ‘em and jail ‘em. That’s how we used to describe the old way of doing things,” said Troy Hatfield, deputy chief probation officer in Monroe County.

Hatfield also chairs the Indiana Probation Advisory Board which spent the last two years revising the standards for probation in the state.

Probation Officer shot, suspect killed

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Norfolk Reflector
by Allison Manning and Theodore Decker
July 11, 2014

A man was killed and a probation officer was shot in a struggle for a gun in an East Side condominium this morning.

Two Franklin County probation officers went to 2850 Petzinger Rd. to revoke the probation of Tyshawn Hancock, 37, around 9:30, said Sgt. Rich Weiner, a Columbus police spokesman.

Grant extends juvenile initiative

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Journal Gazette

By: Vivian Sade

July 12, 2014

Money helps county to find options for kids in court system

– Coming up with alternatives for Allen County juveniles who have broken laws and are now involved in the court system will be a continuing initiative after the county commissioners Friday accepted a grant from the Indiana Department of Correction.

The initial grant, which expired June 30, was extended for another year, and an additional $92,440 will go toward local programs and staffing, said Megan Horton, coordinator for the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative.

New Jobs Added

July 17, 2014

New jobs posted to the website include:

Executive Director, Henry County Community Corrections.  Apply by August 1, 2014.   Attached is a job description with salary information for this position.

HCCC Exective Director Job Description2014 2

Program Director, Knox County Court Alcohol and Drug Program.  Apply by September 1, 2014.

Adult Probation Officer Entry Level, Delaware County Adult Probation.  Apply by August 5, 2014.

Wayne County public defender lands state honor

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Bill Engle

July 4, 2014

Kaarin Lueck has almost literally written the book on juvenile law in Indiana.

Lueck, a Wayne County public defender since 2003, is the 2014 Gault Award winner for the state of Indiana, an award given by the Indiana Public Defender Council (IPDC).

Lueck works primarily in Wayne Superior Court 3 and is defense attorney assigned to all the county’s juvenile delinquency cases.
Those who work with her were not surprised by the honor.

POPAI By-laws Proposed Revisions

July 11, 2014

Greetings POPAI Membership:

According to the POPAI Bylaws, Article XIV AMENDMENTS

These bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed by the membership if a quorum is present at any regular or special meeting. Any proposed alteration to the bylaws shall be submitted to the President of the Executive Board at least sixty (60) days prior to the annual business meeting. That proposed change shall be submitted to the membership thirty (30) days prior to the annual business meeting for action at the annual meeting.

The POPAI Executive Board is now submitting the proposed POPAI Bylaw changes to the Association membership. The primary change to the by-laws is a proposed change in membership year.  It has become increasingly difficult for POPAI members, Chief Probation Officers, and office managers/bookkeepers to keep track of when POPAI membership dues must be paid. To make dues payments simpler to track, the the proposed by-laws revision states on page 3:

B. Membership Year.   The membership year shall run from January 1st through December 31st for each year in which annual membership dues are received.the date of receipt of the initial POPAI membership application and shall continue upon payment of annual membership duesMembership dues paid/received after September 1st in 2014 shall extend the membership until December 31, 2015.  Membership dues paid after January 1, 2015, and each year thereafter, shall be credited to the year in which the dues are received.

To encourage POPAI members  to pay their 2015 dues early, with the option of paying those dues through registering for the 2014 POPAI Fall Conference, 2015 dues paid between September 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014 will extend membership until the end of 2014 AND through the full calendar year 2015.

POPAI members who are paid up to date with 2014 dues have the option of paying their 2015 dues in advance through their registration for the 2014 POPAI Fall Conference.  Simply pay for the conference as a “non-member” and send an email to the POPAI Membership Coordinator Susan Rice to advise her of your intent to pay 2015 dues in advance.  srice@peru.k12.in.us

POPAI members who have questions about the proposed by-law revisions or have suggestions for future by-law changes should contact their District Representatives.

The Association will vote on the Bylaw changes at the 2014 POPAI Annual meeting, to be held at the POPAI Fall Conference in French Lick Indianapolis at the French Lick Resort September 4th. 

You can review the proposed Bylaws at the following link:  POPAI Bylaws 2014 PROPOSED REVISIONS 7-9-14


POPAI President Appointed to Legislative Committee

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Sen. David Long

July 4, 2014

POPAI President Linda Brady was appointed to serve as a lay member of the Interim Study Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code.


Studying Indiana’s Top Issues – Straight from the Senate

When Indiana’s part-time legislature is not in session, lawmakers serve on interim study committees that meet to review key issues facing our state. These committees lay the groundwork for future legislation and are a critical component of Indiana’s lawmaking process.

The Legislative Council, a bipartisan group of senators and representatives, establishes study committee priorities each year. As vice-chair of the council, my goal is to make sure our state’s most pressing challenges are given the time and energy needed to find effective solutions.

This summer and fall, study committees will consider several important topics, including tax reform, education, veterans’ issues and more. These committees will gather expert testimony, hear from members of the public and provide recommendations to the full General Assembly before the 2015 legislative session begins in January.