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Indiana ranks second in incarcerated parents: ‘I’ve missed way too much already’

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Chicago Tribune on March 21, 2015 by Jerry Davich

Taped above Lavonta Henry’s bed is a note from his 7-year-old son. Written with a few backward letters, it says, “Papi, I can’t wait for you to come home. I love you, Jayden.”

Henry keeps it taped inside his cell at the Indiana State Prison. It hangs near a thick stack of photos of himself with Jayden and his two other children, ages 6 and 4. Many of these photos show the kids during their visits to the prison. One shows him in camouflage fatigues when he served in the U.S. Army National Guard.

“This one of us is my favorite,” Henry said, holding one when he was a new teenage father at age 16. “It’s back before I made some wrong decisions and got locked up here.”

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Food Safety News on 01/20/2015 by Dan Flynn

Lawmakers in several states want to ban a new powdered alcohol product before it’s even available on the market.

“Palcohol” is the brand name for the new powdered alcohol that, when mixed with water, becomes a cosmopolitan, mojito, margarita or lemon drop cocktail. It’s the invention of Arizona entrepreneur Mark Phillips, whose company hopes to hit the market by spring.

Last spring, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, an arm of the U.S. Treasury Department, approved “Palcohol” and then rescinded its approval over labeling issues. Phillips’ company, called Lipsmark, hopes to overcome that hurdle shortly.

State bans may be harder to overcome. Powdered alcohol bans have been introduced in rapid order in states as varied as Colorado, Nebraska, Utah and Wisconsin. The actual number of states that may consider banning the product won’t be known until the deadlines for new bills are reached, but the early trend is clear.

Heroin bill passes with needle exchange

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The Courier-Journal on 3/25/2015 by Mike Wynn and Tom Loftus

FRANKFORT, Ky. The months of anguished pleas from parents and former addicts — Kentucky families gripped in a noxious heroin epidemic — found some resolution Tuesday as a landmark bill to improve drug treatment and clamp down on dealers won passage in the legislature.

The long-negotiated compromise sailed out of the Democrat-led House on a unanimous vote and was approved by the GOP-controlled Senate 34-4. Gov. Steve Beshear is expected to sign the measure into law on Wednesday morning, allowing it to take effect immediately.


POPAI Management Training Registration Reminder

by Susan Rice, POPAI Training/Conference Planner

Probation management level staff can still register for the upcoming POPAI Management Institute, CPO Summit and New CPO trainings which will be held April 15th, 16th, and 17th in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The deadline for room reservations has been extended to Friday, March 27th.  Specific information on all three trainings can be found in this informational flyer.

Questions and comments may be directed to Susan Rice, POPAI Training/Conference Planner by calling 765-469-1593 or through e-mail at

 Register here

Additionally, POPAI has received requests from a number of Chiefs as to whether or not any of the training sessions are eligible to be counted as EBP hours. The Indiana Probation Standards stipulate that “the chief probation officer and the supervising judge shall approve course content” eligible to comply with the requirement of what trainings “count” as EBP.  POPAI does not have the authority to make the final determination as to what trainings “count” as EBP.  However, we will list the training sessions that our Board believes should be eligible to be considered “EBP” by a Chief PO and his/her supervising judge.  Below is a breakdown of the sessions and hours which could be considered for EBP.


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